Where to Stay in Philadelphia - Neighborhoods to Avoid, Kensington and Other Sensitive Areas

Neighborhoods to Avoid in Philadelphia and Best Areas to Stay

For your next trip to Pennsylvania, wondering where are the neighborhoods to avoid in Philadelphia, where are Kensington and other dangerous areas? Indeed, everyone knows that there is a serious drug problem and insecurity in certain neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Suddenly, it is legitimate to inquire before choosing the district where to stay.

Located less than 2 hours from New YorkHowever, Philadelphia is a city worth a visit. Indeed, Philadelphia was for a long time the capital of the United States and has kept a rich heritage of its history so important to the United States of America! This is why tourists should not hesitate to visit Philly as it is called there.

Here is a study that reveals whether or not in 2023 Philadelphia is a dangerous city, which are the dangerous neighborhoods but also the best areas to stay in Philadelphia.

This article is a summary of data collected on the Net on the dangerousness of Philadelphia in 2023 and its different neighborhoods (press articles, statistics and rankings).

Dangerous Philadelphia?

YES : According to the Wikipedia article " crime in philadelphia“, Philadelphia ranks above the national average in terms of crime, especially violent offenses. The city has the highest violent crime rate of the 10 largest US cities.

Philadelphia dangerous in 2023?

According to the latest update of Numbeo.com ranking, in 2023 the city of Philadelphia ranks among the most criminal cities in North America.

With a high crime rate of 62.48, in comparison, Philadelphia would be more dangerous than cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Washington ou New York !

Philadelphia dangerous city map North America
Print map screen on Numbeo.com

Au world level, as Chicago, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro ou Lima, in 2023 Philadelphia is also one of the least safe cities in the world.

Philadelphia dangerous for tourists?

NO on condition of avoiding the districts listed below.

Indeed, regarding insecurity, there is a great geographic disparity according to the neighborhoods of Philadelphia. This is confirmed by official police statistics (see on Philadelphia Police website) but also other classifications like Philadelphia Inquirer ou Area vibes.

It should be noted that tourists are generally not the direct targets of violent crimes committed in Philadelphia. Indeed, the majority of crimes are linked to drugs, trafficking of all kinds and gang phenomena.

But, as in all tourist towns, visitors can be victims of scams and theft (money, luggage, jewelry or phones).

Philadelphia neighborhoods

The city of Philadelphia is divided into 12 major sections (see below) which are made up of many neighborhoods (see full list on Wikipedia).

Philadelphia geographic division

Philadelphia neighborhood map

Here is a map to help you locate the neighborhoods of Philadelphia to avoid that we will discuss in this article:

Insecurity in Philadelphia

The biggest crime problem in Philadelphia has to do with neighborhoods hit by drug abuse. In fact, in recent years, drug addicts have come from all over the United States to consume fentanyl, which is a pain reliever 100 times more powerful than morphine. Because, unfortunately, it is in Philadelphia that this drug is the cheapest (3 dollars per dose).

Philadelphia Drug District: Kensington

The Kensington neighborhood is a former industrial district of Philadelphia. This 2 square kilometer area has become the largest drug market in the United States.

Invaded by more than 1 drug addicts and drug dealers who wage war with each other, Kensington has become the most dangerous neighborhood in Philadelphia.

Dangerous neighborhoods in Philadelphia

By synthesizing information from various web rankings, here are the other neighborhoods in Philadelphia qualified as dangerous in 2023:

Click on the links for the Google Map location of these neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods to avoid in Philadelphia

Without being neighborhoods as dangerous as Kensington or those listed above, here are the other neighborhoods to avoid in Philadelphia when staying or walking around at night:

  • Brewerytown
  • germantown
  • Poplar-Ludlow-Yorktowne
  • Gray's Ferry
  • Hartranft
  • Belmont
  • Logan-fern rock
  • Riverfront
  • Morris Park
  • Richmond

Where to Stay in Philadelphia - Best Neighborhoods

Indeed, apart from the dangerous neighborhoods or to avoid, there are many very pleasant neighborhoods in which to stay in Philadelphia. There are too many and too different to say which are the best. Indeed, all have their own identity, character and atmosphere, everything is a matter of taste.

So I'm just going to introduce you to the safest neighborhoods in Philadelphia and the favorite neighborhood for tourists.

Where to Stay in Philadelphia - Best Neighborhoods

Where to Stay in Philadelphia - Safest Neighborhoods

The majority of real estate agencies agree that the safest neighborhoods in Philadelphia would be:

  • bustleton
  • Somerton
  • chestnut hill
  • Fox chase
  • Academy Gardens
  • Rhawnhurst
  • Roxborough
  • torresdale
  • Byberry

Where to stay in Philadelphia to visit

For travelers looking for a hotel close to the sights of Philadelphia, the best area is Old Town (The Old City).

The Old City - Philadelphia Tourist District

The Old City is the historic district of Philadelphia that was the cradle of American independence. It is a must-see area for tourists. Indeed, it is in this district that are the main historical sites of Philadelphia (Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Museum of the American Revolution, National Constitution Center).

The Old City in Philadelphia

Where to stay in Philadelphia in the Old City neighborhood?

Here is a good hotel with probably the best location for visiting Philadelphia: The Kimpton Hotel Monaco.

Indeed, it is located in the center of the historic district, 87 meters from Independence Hall and has a roof terrace with a view of the Liberty Bell!

Where to stay on a budget in Philadelphia?

In the heart of the Old City district, the Apple Hostels Of Philadelphia also has a very good location: 500 meters from the American Revolutionary Museum and the Independence Historical National Park. It is a youth hostel that offers comfortable rooms with a very good value for money.

How to visit Philadelphia?

Here are two convenient and interesting ways to see the must-see sites in Philadelphia:

Philadelphia Guided Tour

Philadelphia Tourist Bus

How to visit the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia

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