Dangerous Dubai? Neighborhoods to avoid and best area to stay in Dubai

To find out if Dubai is dangerous, here's a guide to the neighborhoods to avoid and the best neighborhood to stay.

In fact, when I looked for a hotel in Dubai myself, I had a lot of difficulty spotting the areas to avoid and finding the ideal area as a tourist.

However, to choose a well-located accommodation to visit and enjoy the beach, you first need to know the different districts of Dubai and their characteristics:

  • Is it dangerous to go to Dubai?
  • What insecurity for tourists?
  • Are there neighborhoods to avoid in Dubai?
  • What are the most beautiful neighborhoods?
  • What is the best neighborhood to stay in Dubai?
  • Which hotel in Dubai to visit the city on foot?

I therefore share below a comparative study with the Dubai neighborhood map to locate neighborhoods to avoid and best neighborhoods to stay.

Is it dangerous to go to Dubai?

NO : Dubai is not at all dangerous. Dubai is even one of the safest cities in the world.

Indeed, if we study the Numbeo ranking of the most dangerous cities in the world, we see that Dubai is ranked among the least criminal with a very low crime index of only 16,34. It is therefore much less dangerous than cities like London, Rome, Paris ou Marseille.

Is It Dangerous To Go To Dubai - World Cities Crime Map

What insecurity in Dubai?

Still according to the Numbeo ranking, in 2021 Dubai is the 7th safest city in the world out of the 427 cities classified. It is positioned just behind Doha, Taipei, Quebec City, Zurich and Abu Dhabi and Sharajh.  

Nevertheless, the reliability of this type of classification is very relative because it is established according to the opinions and feelings of Internet users and therefore remains quite subjective.

In addition, crime indices are communicated on average. However, in Dubai as in all major cities, insecurity is only concentrated in certain places. See article of April 28, 2021 " Violent fight kills three in Dubai »From the journal actualité.com.

This is why, apart from a few neighborhoods to avoid in Dubai (as in all capitals), the city is not at all dangerous.

Safety in Dubai for tourists

Everywhere in the United Arab Emirates and therefore of course in Dubai its capital, tourists are safe. France Diplomacy also advises normal vigilance throughout the country with the exception of the Grande Tomb and Petite Tomb and Abou Moussa islands.

In Dubai, police officers regularly patrol and monitor all of Dubai's sights and landmarks.

The police have also set up a network of drones which detect all crimes and offenses. And we have seen that these offenses were mainly non-compliance with wearing a mask and traffic offenses. See article published on May 29, 2021 in Lepetitjournal.com: « 4 offenses detected by the police using drones« 

Dubai neighborhoods

Dubai is geographically divided into 2 parts: Old Dubai and New Dubai.

There are many neighborhoods in Dubai and not all of them are officially listed. They are added to the 13 districts of the city which are as follows:

  • Business bay
  • Dubai City center
  • Dubai World Central
  • DSO & International City
  • Dubailand
  • Jebel ali
  • Jumeirahs
  • Mushrif Park
  • Palm deira
  • Sheikh Zayed Road
  • The palm jumeirah
  • The World
  • World Aid City

I'm not going to go through them all but just point out the worst and the best areas in Dubai.

Neighborhoods Dubai map

To facilitate your research, here is a Google Maps map that allows you to locate the different districts of Dubai.

Neighborhoods to avoid in Dubai

Far from being dangerous districts, the 2 districts below are simply to be avoided for a tourist stay in Dubai:

Deira district in decline in Dubai

Deira is the oldest district in Dubai. More authentic than the ultra modern districts of the city, this district is also one of the poorest. It is populated mainly by workers who come from abroad (Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China).

Admittedly, this district has a tourist interest because of its history and its many souks but it is not the best district to choose a hotel there.

Sonapur poor district of Dubai

13 km from the international airport, Sonapur is not really a district but rather a camp that looks like a slum.

Indeed, Sonapur camp brings together more than 150 poor workers who cannot afford to live in central Dubai. They live there in shacks in precarious conditions that contrast with the wealth and luxury of the immense towers of Dubai.

Best neighborhoods to stay in Dubai

It's hard to name the best district in Dubai because it depends on your tastes and desires.

Here are therefore the best districts of Dubai classified according to the desires of each one (family stay, seaside stay, tourist stay, shopping weekend…).

Dubai neighborhoods to stay with the family

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a pleasant area, where you can enjoy magnificent views of the marina and the city.

This area is ideal for relaxing with the family while enjoying the many restaurants, cafes, shops and its equipped beaches.

Al Safa

Adjacent to the seaside district of Jumeirah, Al Safa is an ideal area for a family stay.

Residential and peaceful, we find the Safa Park with its picnic areas, its balloon playgrounds and its karting circuit. In this area, you can take a family walk to Al Wasl Square or along the Dubai Maritime Canal. This canal is bordered by numerous pedestrian paths and cycle tracks which will make the joy of beautiful ballads with the children.

Neighborhood to stay in Dubai for a seaside holiday

The Jumeirah district is very popular because it is facing the sea, beaches with restaurants, beautiful shops… It is an ideal district for a seaside stay because everything is within walking distance.

As a bonus, for those who wish to visit, its location is close to the Satwa district, the historic Al Fahidi district and the business centers. You can also visit the white stone mosque of Jumeirah and the famous Madinat souk!

area to stay in Dubai for the beach

Umm Suqueim

This district borders the Jumeirah district.

Umm Suqeim is a district famous for its surf beaches and its legendary hotel Burj Al Arab (in the form of a veil). Its Wild Wadi water park is an asset for families.

Neighborhood to stay in Dubai for a crazy stay

For a crazy holiday, Palm Jumeirah is the island that best symbolizes Dubai.

It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Dubai. It is about a set of artificial islands which form on the sea a palm tree with 17 branches.


Best area Dubai


Downtown Dubai is downtown Dubai. This district is renowned for its among the most beautiful and tallest towers in Dubai. This is where the Burj Khalifa tower, the Dubai Dancing Fountain, the Opera House and the Dubai Mall, (the largest shopping mall in the world) are located.

It is the most beautiful place in the city, home to celebrities and wealthy Dubai families.


Affordable area to stay in Dubai

Al Barsha

This fairly central area offers many hotels with excellent value for money.

It is a quiet area where you will find the large Mall of the Emirates, international restaurants as well as attractions like indoor ski slopes.

Well served by public transport, this area is a good option for those on a budget.

Dubai district Jessica Thibault

We will end with a bling bling note which does not denote in Dubai!

Indeed, Dubai is becoming the new trendy destination for influencers and other reality TV candidates. The phenomenon was highly publicized with Jessica Thibault who settled in a chic and residential area to live there.

From what I have read on the net, this quartier is brand new, bordering the largest Crystal Lagoon in the world. It is home to nearly 600 luxury villas which are inhabited by personalities from all over the world.

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