Dangerous Zanzibar and Areas to Avoid and Best Place to Stay

Dangerous Zanzibar?

Want to go on safari or on the most beautiful beaches in Tanzania but you wonder if Zanzibar is dangerous ?

Indeed, you know that there are risks to travel to Tanzania but is this also the case for Zanzibar? Here is a guide to areas of Zanzibar to avoid and my advice for choosing the best place to stay.

In addition, you will find below the map of Zanzibar to locate the places to avoid and best areas to stay.

The sources of this article are diverse and very serious: Statistics, government recommendations, economic studies, international media, press articles ...

Tanzania dangerous country?

Five or six years ago, the question of security in Tanzania did not arise. Indeed, Tanzania was not a dangerous country for tourists.

But in recent years, Tanzania has changed with political tensions and the risk of terrorist attacks.

See the map below Numbeo.com which ranks cities on their crime index:

Tanzania and Zanzibar dangerous

Travelers visiting Tanzania are therefore recommended to exercise caution as there is a real threat of militant attacks, terrorism and kidnappings in some places.

Dangerous regions in Tanzania

As recommended by Government of Canada or France, here are the regions where tourists should not go:

  • on the border with Mozambique,
  • in the Mtwara region (threat of militants attacks, terrorism and kidnappings).
  • border with Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa),

Tourists are advised to be extremely careful throughout the territory and in particular Dar-Es-Salaam. See all areas formally discouraged on the map published on France Diplomacy.

Travel to Zanzibar dangerous?

NO, traveling to Zanzibar is not dangerous. L'island of Unguja is the main island of the Zanzibar archipelago which is part of Tanzania. However, this island is not mentioned as a destination at risk on the recommendations to travelers currently published by the French Government.

This is what you can see on the map below where the island of Zanzibar on the east coast of Tanzania is not on the way or in orange:

Moreover, since the arrival of the Covid, Zanzibar has become one of the most popular seaside destinations in the world. Indeed, the borders having remained open to tourists, the magnificent beaches of this island off the Indian Ocean have filled up! You should know that tourism is the island's main economic resource, so everything is done to protect them!

According to forums, travel agencies and blogs, Zanzibar is not dangerous for tourists. Indeed, we often talk about theft or scams but it is the same thing on all tourist sites around the world! So OK to go but be careful…

« Violent incidents are to be reported not only in Dar es Salaam but also in other cities (notably in Arusha and Zanzibar), as well as in resorts in Zanzibar where tourists have been assaulted. Vigilance is therefore essential. »Extract from the recommendations of Diplomatie.belgium.be

Zanzibar dangerous? What crime?

Le Numbeo world ranking poster for Zanzibar a clue of average crime of 56.17. And if we compare with tourist towns like Rio de Janeiro, Naples, Marseille ou in Paris, Zanzibar would be less dangerous.

But while Zanzibar isn't one of the most dangerous places in the world, it's not a 100% safe island either. Indeed, the crime rate has been increasing in recent years.

In addition, insecurity in Zanzibar presents a great geographic disparity. Here are the few places to avoid in Zanzibar.

Dangerous Zanzibar – Places to avoid in Zanzibar

There are no truly dangerous areas in Zanzibar where tourists could risk their lives. However, there are places that are less suitable for tourists and therefore less safe.

This is the case of Stone Town, capital of Zanzibar, very popular with tourists for its old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But even if it is interesting to make a small visit there during the day, it is not the ideal place to choose your accommodation. Indeed, as in many poor cities, drugs wreak havoc and can lead to violence. See the article in Le Monde: " Zanzibar: among the old junkies of Stone Town« 

Dangerous Zanzibar – Map Zanzibar

To better identify the best places to stay in Zanzibar, here is the map of the different regions of the main island:

Best place to stay in Zanzibar

All the coasts are beautiful around Zanzibar. Wherever you go, you will have beautiful beaches, white sand and turquoise waters. As a result, I will not detail here the characteristics of all the coasts of the Island. For more information on the most beautiful places on the island, see my article: Where to go in Zanzibar – Which coast to choose?

However, I will tell you where the 2 most legendary beaches : Nungwi et Kendwa. Indeed, these beaches are part of most beautiful beaches in the world on many rankings. They are located at theextreme north of Zanzibar (place where the tidal phenomenon is the least sensitive).

Zanzibar dangerous? Most beautiful beach in Zanzibar

Otherwise, it's on the East Coast (less isolated and more lively) that I recommend you to stay because it is on this coast that there are the most paradisiacal beaches of Zanzibar.

Pongwe most beautiful beach in Zanzibar

Pongwe beach is reputed to be one of the most beautiful in Zanzibar. It is located on the East Coast from Zanzibar.

With secluded lagoons and idyllic beaches along the entire length of this stretch of coastline, this dream beach is home to some very beautiful 5 star hotels of Zanzibar including:

recommended beach hotel far from dangerous areas of Zanzibar

Which hotel in Zanzibar?

If you are looking for an EXCEPTIONAL hotel on the most beautiful beach in Zanzibar, I recommend you The Island - Pongwe Lodge :

best place in Zanzibar

And for a nice hotel, well placed and cheap, here is a 5 star hotel in best quality price report that I had the chance to test: the Karafuu Beach Resort & Spa.

Find out below what this hotel looks like that I recommend for those looking for low prices:

Photo of Karafuu hotel in Zanzibar Tanzania
Main hotel pool facing the lagoon
Karafuu hotel beach on the east coast of Zanzibar
Hotel beach front bungalows on one of Tanzania's most beautiful beaches in Zanzibar
Cheap hotel Zanzibar

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