Dangerous Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic dangerous?

Fancy a trip to Santo Domingo or Punta Cana but wondering if the Dominican Republic is dangerous?

Indeed, you know that there are risks to travel to some Caribbean islands but is this the case for the Dominican Republic ? Here is a guide to the areas of the Dominican Republic to avoid and my advice for choosing the best place to stay.

In addition, to choose the location of your hotel, you will have a map showing the best areas to stay.

Without wanting to offend anyone, this article was produced thanks to various and serious sources: Government recommendations, economic studies, statistics, international media, press…

Is the Dominican Republic dangerous?

For decades, this destination has been included in the catalogs of major tour operators and other travel agencies around the world. The clients of these agencies book an all-inclusive hotel for a seaside stay on dream beaches.

Often they do not dare to venture outside their hotel because they fear that there is danger in some places. But what is it really? Is the Dominican Republic dangerous as Rio de Janeiro ou Mexico City ?

If we consult the recommendations of certain governments, we could say that the country is indeed dangerous. See for example on the website of Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland which warns travelers that the crime rate is very high across the country. But let's see this in more detail.

What crime in the Dominican Republic?

According to the Numbeo world ranking, the Dominican Republic certainly has a high crime index (68.05) but it is only for Santo Domingo its capital.

Numbeo Global Crime Map
Print screen map of the Numbeo.com site

However, the majority of forums, travel agencies and blogs say that the Dominican Republic is not a dangerous country for tourists. Indeed, we often talk about theft or scams but it's the same everywhere on tourist sites around the world! Tourists just like to Nice, Cancun or to Zanzibar must exercise caution. But it would be a shame not to go there and not to enjoy this magnificent country!

Places to avoid in the Dominican Republic

France Diplomacy recommends travelers to be careful:

“The Dominican Republic has known for several years an increase in delinquency and criminality (from simple snatching to armed robbery, day and night), linked in particular to the trafficking and consumption of narcotics. , which affects not only Dominicans but also tourists and foreign residents. The main areas concerned are: Bavarian - Punta Cana (outskirts of the many “all-inclusive” hotels), Santo Domingo (in particular the Colonial Zone) and the Samana peninsula (in particular Las Terrenas). "

La FDFA Switzerland also indicates that " some neighborhoods of Santo Domingo, sosua et Boca Chica are particularly dangerous at night" page (in French).

Neighborhoods to avoid in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic

Dangerous neighborhoods in Santo Domingo

By taking up government recommendations and information on forums and the local press, here are the 5 districts deemed to be the most dangerous in Santo Domingo at least at night:

  • The swamp
  • Los Guandules
  • Christ the King
  • The Zurza
  • capotillo

Discover their Google Map location below:

La Cienaga district

Los Guandules

Cristo Rey district

The Zurza


Santo Domingo neighborhood map

To better identify the districts to avoid in Santo Domingo, here is the map of the different districts of the capital:

Where to stay in the Dominican Republic most beautiful beaches

Where to stay in the Dominican Republic

All the coasts are beautiful in the Dominican Republic. Indeed, you have a large choice of magnificent places for a dream holiday by the beach. I am therefore not going to detail the characteristics of all the coasts of the island.

On the other hand, I recommend the most famous place for seaside tourism: Punta Cana.

Indeed, this point of the Dominican Republic concentrates the most beautiful beaches on the island : Macao Beach, Arena Gorda, Arena Blanca Beach, Bavaro Beach, Cabeza de Toro, Little John and Juanillo Beach…

Where to stay in Punta Cana

All along the coast of Punta Cana, many hotels offer all-inclusive stays at very attractive prices.

But, if like me, you don't like these huge buildings without charm and which all look alike, here is a much nicer spring: Tortuga Bay 

Best place to stay in Punta Cana

Cheap hotel in Punta Cana

And for a low budget but well placed hotel, here is a hotel at the best value for money: Riviera Punta Cana

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