Neighborhoods of Naples to avoid

For the organization of a trip or for a business trip, it is useful to identify the Naples neighborhoods to avoid and the best neighborhood to stay.

And even though Naples is not as dangerous a city as Bogota or Rio de Janeiro, it is prudent to find out more to avoid choosing accommodation in a dangerous area or a red-light district of Naples.

That's why i did this 2024 guide to Naples neighborhoods with a map that allows them to be located.

I collected serious information from local media, business press and various statistics. The article below is therefore a summary of information on the characteristics of the least safe neighborhoods in Naples.

Is Naples dangerous?

According to Numbeo 2024 ranking of crime in European cities, Naples appears to be the 5th most criminal city in Europe. In comparison, with a crime index of 62.10, Naples would therefore be more dangerous than London, Rome, Barcelona ou Paris.

Naples crime map

However, these figures should be interpreted as averages. Indeed, insecurity in Naples is not the same everywhere in the city. Thefts, crimes and acts of violence only take place in certain places in Naples. Apart from a few neighborhoods to avoid, Naples is no more dangerous than other cities like New York, Los Angeles ou Cancun.

Map of Naples neighborhoods

Difficult to spot the good and bad neighborhoods of Naples. So here is a map that you can enlarge to locate in particular the neighborhoods to avoid in Naples.

Is Naples safe to visit in 2024?

Before you know where the worst and best neighborhoods in Naples are, tourists first ask, is Naples safe for tourists?

Well we can say that tourists are not at risk of being murdered in Naples but (as in all tourist cities), they can be subject to pickpocketing or attacks to obtain money, in particular:

  • around tourist sites,
  • in public transport,
  • in and around airports and train stations.

So here are some useful tips to avoid these problems:

  • Fraudulent devices are often concealed in cash withdrawals such as small video cameras installed above the keypad. It will therefore be necessary to favor well-lit bank counters and inside a bank or a business.
  • You have to be wary of crooks who distract tourists or who, on the road, fake punctures.
  • Avoid walking around with a purse as thieves on foot or on motorbikes may try to snatch it from you.
  • Never leave your personal belongings unattended.
  • Do not travel with a luxury watch or precious jewelry.
  • Put your camera strap around your neck.

dangerous neighborhoods and neighborhoods of Naples to avoid

Most dangerous neighborhoods in Naples

Without making a statement of all Naples neighborhoods, here are the main neighborhoods deemed to be the most dangerous (with the highest crime rates):

  • Scampia
  • Fork
  • San Giovanni a Teduccio
  • Barra
  • Spanish Neighborhoods
  • Centro Direzionale
  • Rione Traiano

See below where these dangerous neighborhoods or areas to avoid are geographically located in Naples:

Scampia – Naples district, the most dangerous in Europe

This district, which was the setting for the film Gomorra, is reputed to be the largest retail drug store in Europe.

Located north of the city of Naples, it is an area that tourists should avoid.

These huge veil-shaped towers dating from the 60s have become the territory of the camorra, the Italian mafia. In this neighborhood, they manage the heroin, cocaine and crack trafficking networks.

See article Drug trafficking, murder for € 2 and PNL clip: welcome to La Scampia which says in particular: "Living there is a 6 in 10 chance of dying assassinated as a result of involvement in drug trafficking."

most dangerous district of naples

If, a few months ago, it was a question of razing this district, for the moment, it would seem that the municipality is only planning a transformation: Infrastructural and social redevelopment in the district of Scampia on the official site

Forcella – Neighborhood known to be under the control of the mafia

Very close to the historic center of Naples, the Fork is located between the districts of Vasto and Porto. It would also be a dangerous area of ​​Naples because it is said to be under the influence of the Camorra. See the Paris Match article « Me Enzo 15 years old Mafioso« 

San Giovanni a Teduccio district of Naples

The San Giovanni a Teduccio district is located in the South East of Naples along the coast.

This district compares to the Bronx (famous dangerous neighborhood in New York) according to the article from Ecco il "Bronx" di San Giovanni a Teduccio

Also pay attention to the Piazza Garibaldi very close which is the terminus of the train. Like all stations in big cities, this is a place where tourists should be careful.

Barra – Neighborhood to avoid in Naples

Less dangerous than its neighbor the San Giovanni district, Barra is nevertheless a district to be avoided if you are looking for accommodation in Naples.

Rione Sanità in the center of Naples

1,6 km from the historic center of Naples, La Sanità is an overcrowded district with more than 32 inhabitants in less than 000 km².

This district has become a ghetto where poverty and violence are the daily life of residents. And, even if today this district is in full transformation, it remains a district not recommended for tourists.

Naples neighborhoods to avoid – Quartieri Spagnoli

In the heart of Naples, Quartieri Spagnoli is an old quarter of Naples and one of the poorest in the city center. This district has a bad reputation because, according to the media, the Neapolitan mafia is present there.

Because of its authenticity, its animation and its tourist interest, the Spanish quarters attract many visitors. Indeed, tourists do not take any risk in this district. You just have to be careful when the night comes.

Centro Direzionale to avoid at night

It is the business district of Naples. At night and on weekends, this district and its surroundings are transformed and become infamous. There are also many thefts and robberies.

So the Centro Direzionale is also a neighborhood to avoid in Naples, especially for foreign tourists.

Area to avoid around Naples – Rione Traiano

In the western suburbs of Naples, the Rione Traiano district is known for drug trafficking. See newspaper article

best area of ​​naples to stay

Best neighborhoods in Naples

The best areas of Naples are far from the popular areas and the historic center. These are the districts of Chiaia, Mergellina and Posillipo.

Chiaia chic and friendly neighborhood by the sea

The beautiful residential district of Chiaia is very popular with the Neapolitan bourgeoisie and tourists who have the means.

It is probably the most chic place in the city with its luxury boutiques and great restaurants. Very trendy, this district is also popular with stars who come to enjoy the palaces on the seafront.

Mergellina nice little neighborhood of Naples

To the west, right next to the district of Chiaia, the very small district of Mergellina is a nice and very touristy place.

The Posillipo district quiet and rich district of Naples

On the hillside, southwest of Naples, Posillipo is a residential area where the richest population of Naples is located.

It is a very beautiful place with small beaches and a superb view of the Bay of Naples.

What neighborhood to stay in Naples?

The 3 districts that I have just mentioned as best neighborhoods in Naples are perfect to stay there.

But for tourists who want the Neapolitan atmosphere and animation and proximity to tourist sites, this is the neighborhood Spaccanapoli you need!

Spaccanapoli district in Naples

Spaccanapoli is the historic center of Naples which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located north of the large port of Naples, this district is divided by the large avenue Via Spaccanapoli into two parts: Pizzofalcone et Decumano.

Where to sleep in Naples outside the neighborhoods to avoid?

Here is a wonderful accommodation in a safe neighborhood ideal for sightseeing in Naples without taking public transport.

For those on a lower budget, see my recommendation here:

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